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women’s best friend

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Women’s best Friend

It is as clear as crystal clear that a sparkling Diamond is not a woman’s best friend. In fact, the woman’s best friend, her fiance or husband most often presents her with a gift of a diamond. The woman often secures her best friend before her hand-cut diamond. Jewelry looks amazing on a woman whether a diamond engagement ring, a wedding ring, a chain, an exquisite bracelet an earring, or the most precision timepiece. Each gift presented to a lady by her best friend starts a cherished and a memorable moment that binds them together.

The memories remains etched in her mind as to when why and where each treasured gift was presented to her. When shopping for a diamond there are four important things that you should take careful note of. The cut is the most important character of the diamond since the better the cut the more your diamond will sparkle. The diamond’s lack of colour gives it a higher grade. Flawless diamonds are extremely rare but most imperfections are very minor and escapes dection by the naked eye. The Carat signifies the weight of the diamond and not it’s size. Bigger is not always better.

Diamonds are valuable and desirable and treasured possessions along with gold and silver, precision watches, precious stones such as amethyst,sapphires,opals, emeralds and pearls.When shopping for these treasures and often expensive items you need to ensure that you secure the expected value that is anticipated and that you deserve for each dollar spent.