The Latest Ladies and Gent’s designer shoes

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As a general rule, your trousers should not touch the shoes (also known as having ‘no break’) so the loafers are fully visible. When flashing your mankles, it should go without saying that you’re required to wear a pair of invisible socks, particularly as suede shoes absorb sweat more readily than their leather counterparts, which isn’t a good look (or smell) – whatever you wear them with.

“Every guy needs a pair of understated, smart sneakers,” says Flavio Girolami, co-founder of cult minimalist sneaker brand Common Projects. “It used to be the case that you’d only wear them when nobody would see you, but now, investing in a pair that goes with everything means you’ll always look on-point.”

White Sneakers

Term them what you want, but thanks to the Skyrocketing rise of the athleisure trend, trainers/sneakers/kicks/creps have made the transition from gym gear to appropriate all-round footwear, especially in the warmer months.

Unfussy white leather kicks now get a pass at almost every summer event, so it’s worth buying a pair that will last.  Just keep any decorative elements to a minimum and invest in some hydrophobic spray and a cleaning kit to keep them sparkling white.